📢 What's New: Version 3.0.35 is now live! Check out the latest changelog for feature updates and improvements.

ReadyCMS is introducing Version 3.0.27, which brings new features and enhancements that empower website owners, marketers, and sales teams. One notable addition among the updates is enabling the tracking of mailto: and tel: links.

What's New:

  • Mailto: and Tel: Link Tracking: Gain valuable insights into user behavior by tracking mailto: and tel: links on your website. Understand how visitors interact with your contact information and call-to-action buttons, enabling you to optimize your communication channels and enhance the overall user experience.
  • Enhanced Search Filtering and Sorting: This release includes a small fix that adds more options to filter and sort search results. With these new options, users can now easily find the content they need and improve their overall search experience.

In our latest blog article, New Feature: Tracking mailto: and tel: links in ReadyCMS, we delve into the significance of the new mailto: and tel: link tracking features. Discover how it can revolutionize how you gather insights, personalize marketing strategies, and accurately measure ROI.


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