Turn on as many plugins as you want, they will not affect the speed of the application.


Most common plugins
are Built-In

Every plugin is developed by our team and perfectly implemented within the content management system.


One click activation

Most of the plugins will enable features in the admin panel and they can be easily activated or deactivated.


Community driven development

You know what you want, you understand what you need, let us know, and we will develop new plugins for you.

Have an idea for a new feature or a plugin?

Contact us

Important questions,
aska by clients

While we provide some free updates of the CMS, website features, and additional development are a part of a separate agreement.

What do you mean by free updates of the CMS?

General updates regarding the performance or security of ReadyCMS will be done when necessary. All general updates of the system will be automatically implemented to the core of the system and you will have them for free.

General updates may include a new feature that we regard as necessary.

What CMS updates are not free?

All additional features created just for you specifically.


Why ReadyCMS
is the right choice