Reports will give you latest info about some of the more technical and usability aspects of ReadyCMS.

ReadyCMS Cloud Media vs. other delivery solutions

ReadyCMS comes with two options for storing static media files. In this report we cover the difference in speed and benefits of using ReadyCMS Cloud Media storage vs. other solutions.

Usage report: October 2019

Just a couple of months had passed since we officially launched ReadyCMS. In this report we are sharing the usage data gathered from all websites and applications using ReadyCMS in October 2019.

Administrator's activity report. What are administrators doing?

We are releasing first of the kind administrators activity report generated from the activity log, gathered from all ReadyCMS instances.

We tested it! This is the average speed of our API.

We write a lot about speed and the benefits of using ReadyCMS as a main content management system. Because of it's architecture and incredible development team working to make things better and faster, we are sharing this report and latest speed tests we ran on our API.