📢 What's New: Version 3.0.35 is now live! Check out the latest changelog for feature updates and improvements.

ReadyCMS Version 3.0.35 is out and packed with some new features and minor updates to enhance your experience with our platform.

What’s new

1. SEO status list

ReadyCMS now visually represents SEO preferences for ALL content types. This was previously reserved for some custom content types (for example - Pages), and some e-commerce content types (such as Manufacturers).

Screenshot of a content management dashboard displaying a list of articles with titles, language settings, SEO status indicators, publication status, and creation dates. The SEO status is indicated with green and pink dots next to each article title.

The status indicator (status light) changes color based on the SEO details entered:

  • Gray: No information filled in.
  • Pink: Only keywords provided.
  • Green: Title, description, and keywords filled in.

2. Page type

We've added a new functionality, applicable to custom type Pages only.

Dropdown menu interface for selecting a page template within a content management system. 'About Us' is highlighted as the selected template from a list that also includes 'Home,' 'Contact Us,' and 'FAQ' under the category 'GENERAL PAGES'.

Page types add new functionality for custom-type pages in ReadyCMS. This feature allows administrators to associate certain content with a page type and developers to associate certain pages with specific code, enhancing the customization and functionality of websites.

Additionally, it integrates with the ReadyCMS AI plugin, enabling AI to extract information from these pages for tailored outputs.

For example, when optimizing the About Us page, the AI will tailor its output to reflect company-specific information.

3. Minor updates

  • API / Clear cache endpoint - Developers can now set a clear cache endpoint, allowing the cache to be cleared through the API
  • Session security improvement - Enhanced session security measures have been implemented to safeguard your data and protect your user sessions

We are dedicated to consistently enhancing our platform to serve our users better. Watch for upcoming updates as we aim to elevate your content creation journey!


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