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ReadyCMS has recently released a new feature that allows marketing and sales teams to track mailto: and tel: links. This is a significant improvement for marketers and sales teams, offering valuable insight into how users interact with their websites. And the best part - everything is automated, and no additional implementation or developer engagement is required.

Check out a short introduction from our CEO about this subject on our YouTube channel:

Importance of Tracking Mailto: and Tel: Links

Mailto: and tel: links are essential because they allow users to contact a business or organization easily. However, until now, it was difficult to track how many people were clicking on these links or how often they were being used. This made it challenging for marketers and sales teams to measure the effectiveness of their websites and campaigns.

In marketing, both phone calls and emails are regarded as leads or conversions, particularly for businesses where customers are more inclined to inquire through a call before making a purchase, rather than placing an order directly.

With ReadyCMS's new feature, users can now track how many times mailto: and tel: links are clicked, as well as other valuable data (such as a detailed overview of which specific email addresses and phone numbers are being clicked). This information can be used to optimize marketing and sales strategies and improve user experience on the website.

Importance of native tracking in CMS versus Google Analytics tracking

While Google Analytics is a popular tool for tracking website analytics, it requires you to manually set up scripts and implement everything with the help of a developer.

And even if Google Analytics is a valuable tool for website analytics, using a CMS with native tracking capabilities can provide more accurate and comprehensive tracking of mailto: and tel: links and other website interactions. This information can be used to optimize the website and improve the user experience.

How to use this feature

All eCommerce clients that are using the ReadyCMS get these updates automatically.

Make sure your website includes well-organized HTML links with 'tel:' and 'mailto:' attributes, just like in the example here.

< a href="mailto:[email protected]">Email
< a href="tel:+123456789">Phone

To find information about these events, sign in to your ReadyCMS account and navigate to Shop > Events.


We always strive to provide essential information through ReadyCMS that can help enhance your business. Whether by saving you time, expediting operations, or ultimately boosting profitability, our goal remains steadfast.

The integration of tracking for mailto: and tel: links in ReadyCMS reflects the platform's commitment to consistent progress and improving user experience. With each update and feature addition, ReadyCMS continues to deliver quality-of-life improvements making it an increasingly efficient content management system.

Google Analytics & Meta Pixel integration for clicked links

When someone clicks on an email or phone number link on a website powered by ReadyCMS, conversion events data is sent instantly to Google Analytics and Meta Pixel.

Here’s an example of the data:


Google Analytics event:

// Google Tag
gtag('event', 'contact', { event_category: 'Phone Calls', event_action: 'click', event_label:value});

// GA4
dataLayer.push({'event': 'telephoneClick', 'telephoneNumber': value});

// Universal
ga('send', 'event', 'Telephone', 'Click', value);

Meta Pixel:

fbq('track', 'Contact');

More about Meta Pixel events: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/meta-pixel/reference


Note for developers

Make sure you have the following settings enabled for event tracking:

Cart.FacebookTracking = true;
Cart.GoogleAnalyticsTracking = true;



This is precisely what makes RCMS stand out. By incorporating all the necessary tools, our platform enables the marketing team to execute their responsibilities proficiently. No more grappling with additional integrations or complexities – everything they require is readily available, right here.