📢 What's New: Version 3.0.34 is now live! Check out the latest changelog for feature updates and improvements.

ReadyCMS is dedicated to continuous improvement, and we're delighted to share a couple of recent enhancements to our platform. With Version 3.0.24 both the Subscription Center and the upgrade plan page have received updates to optimize your experience.

Subscription Center

The Subscription Center has been refreshed with subtle UI modifications, designed to enhance navigation and provide a more polished appearance. As a result, managing subscriptions and account information is now more straightforward than ever.

Additionally, we've revamped the upgrade plan page to accommodate a more extensive range of products. This change will enable users to explore and choose the most suitable plans for their projects, ensuring they have access to the right tools and features for their needs.


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Note: This changelog is for informational purposes only. For a comprehensive overview of all updates and features in ReadyCMS, please refer to the official documentation.

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