After the big UI update in the previous version, we are introducing a couple of minor improvements and a major improvement regarding products search.

Advanced product search

Under the Settings > Search page, you can find new and improved feature that will bring product search to a different level.

After this rollout, you can configure your search form to look for products by the relevancy of the keywords. 

There are couple of options that you can tune according to shop preferences. For instance, you can set the relevancy of the keyword appearance in the URL to be much higher that the appearance of the same keyword found in the description field.

Version 3.0.01-0

Also, with the limit and exclude options, you can really fine tune those settings.

In order for the functionality to work, please consult with your developers. New API endpoint is added accordingly.

New mail template: Review order

New email template is added in this version of ReadyCMS. This template can be used to manually send an email to your customers, encouraging them to review the experience and the order.

Allow out of stock orders

This option can be set as a general rule for your online shop, or can be enabled for a specific product.

If the general rule is enabled, all out of stock products will be available for purchase.

Version 3.0.01-1

Minor updates and fixes were also deployed in this version.

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