Version 2.0.28

We redesigned the order preview page and added more important data.

Order / View

If you are an administrator, manager or admin user with the right permissions, you probably already enjoyed the new design and layout of the order preview page.

With this redesign our goal was to put the important data in focus, for easier access and management.

New layout is now separated into sections that holds general order data, cart items, customer info, user's activity log and new feature that will be described in the following text: Source & Referrer

Orders / Source & Referrer

For the explanation purposes let's say that you have an eCommerce business. You are selling products on your website, Android or iOS app and that you are using all forms of digital marketing.

Example 1: Mobile app user buys a product that he saw on the retargeting campaign advertised on Facebook. He is using a mobile device.

For this purchase ReadyCMS will notify you with the following:

Source: android-app://

Example 2: Website user purchased the same product, but he saw the product while searching Google.

Source: Website

Referrer can also be any other website that acts like a referral.

Enjoy these new features and stay put, there will be more goodies like this one!

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