Version 2.0.16

In this version we are bringing new features like image compression, page lock, empty alt tag auto fixer and new API endpoints.

1. Compress images on ReadyCMS Cloud media

There are plenty of reasons to have a fast website, especially if you have vast number of images on your website, whether it's a news portal, eCommerce website etc.

Saving bandwidth and lowering the page size but keeping the quality of the image is exactly what we are going for with this feature. 

How to optimize images?

1. Go to your media and select the image you wish to optimize. This feature works for JPG, PNG and GIF images.

2. Under the options, click Compress

3. It the image can be optimized you will see the results like on the example below:

Version 2.0.16-0

However, this option is only available for ReadyCMS Cloud media at this point. 

2. Empty alt tag auto fixer

In this version of ReadyCMS we are introducing empty alt tag auto fixer for your main content. 

If you are changing the Text field and forget to add alt tags on your images, ReadyCMS will do it for you. Alt tags will be added to all images without this tag, or with images with empty alt tags, helping you achieve better SEO results.

All images will have it's alt tag created from the title of the page following the suffix (occurring number of the image), for example: "Your page title-1"

Note that this feature is valuable only if you forget to add alt tags yourself. For better SEO results, it's always recommended to customize each alt tag manually.

3. Page lock

Having a large team, or being a part of one, helps the business reach goals faster and ReadyCMS likes to play a big role when in comes to speed and content editing.

Page lock feature will prevent two or more content editors to edit the same content at the same time, preventing overwriting of the data.

In case you and your colleague are editing the same page, the second person (who opened the page) will get the warning notice. In this scenario you can use ReadyCMS inbox feature and communicate with your colleague about who will take over and continue with the changes.

4. New API endpoints

ReadyCMS API service is also updated with new endpoints. For more info check the developers documentation.

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