Version 3.0.28

ReadyCMS Version 3.0.28 introduces the integration with courier services and also includes a host of other improvements and enhancements to our already existing features.


Version 3.0.27

The release of ReadyCMS Version 3.0.27 introduces new features and enhancements to empower website owners, marketers, and sales teams alike. The highlight is the introduction of a much-needed feature that allows you to track mailto: and tel: links.


Version 3.0.26

ReadyCMS Version 3.0.26 introduces a new cache status page, enabling website owners to monitor their website's caching performance, data categories, data size, and website performance index.


Version 3.0.25

ReadyCMS offers a powerful order fulfillment dashboard that provides an overview of all the key metrics that businesses need to track their fulfillment process.


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