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In the rapidly changing world of e-commerce, businesses need to be agile and efficient. They need systems that make things easy and make the customers happy. ReadyCMS is dropping some big news: the integration with courier services. This move aims at the three most important things for modern business, at least in our eyes: simplifying processes, reducing redundancies, and essentially saving time. Or plainly said: make things easier, get rid of the unnecessary stuff, and save as much time while you’re doing it.


Basically, ReadyCMS is making things more efficient by adding courier services. This means smoother processes, fewer mistakes, and faster delivery times.

How will the courier integration help our users?

The journey from a customer placing an order to them receiving it in their hands should be as smooth as possible. So what can integrated courier services do for ReadyCMS users:

  • Simplify the delivery process

    Order processing becomes nimble and businesses no longer need to grapple with numerous steps. ReadyCMS makes fulfilling orders a breeze, ensuring users can quickly process orders with the least amount of effort.

  • Reduce administrative redundancies

    Every business, big or small, is all too familiar with the time-draining administrative tasks. By integrating courier services, businesses can drastically reduce the time spent manually processing order information and passing it to shipping partners, and minimize manual intervention.

    If a business receives, shall we say, 40 orders per day, and needs to manually enter each order into the shipping software, it can take around 2 minutes per order. This means employees spend up to 40 hours per month just entering orders that are already in the content management system. Through integration, this time can be reduced by up to 80%, resulting in only 5 hours spent per month. This saves resources and amounts to a total of 420 hours saved per year.

    Automated administrative processes ensure that every task is performed just once and that it's done the best way possible. No more repeating tasks or dealing with inefficiencies.

    Minimize the errors! Let's face it. Human error is inevitable. But with automation, the chances of errors during administrative tasks are drastically reduced, leading to more accurate order processing and happier customers.

  • Lower shipping costs

    Money saved is money earned. And when operations are efficient, costs come down. Resource optimization means that tasks that required human intervention – and thereby incurred costs – now get done in the blink of an eye. This efficiency directly translates into lower costs, benefitting both businesses and customers.

And how do we use integrated courier services in ReadyCMS?

Enabling courier services in ReadyCMS is incredibly easy. Every courier service is added in the form of a plugin. There is no need for new installations, all it takes is a simple click on the “activate” button on the Plugins and Tools page in ReadyCMS, and the courier service is enabled and ready to use. And best of all, all courier service plugins, present and future, are completely free of charge.

New order status ‘Awaiting courier’

Following the integration of courier services, we present the latest addition to the ReadyCMS order options and features - Awaiting courier order status.


This status will automatically be assigned when a request for package pickup is sent to the courier service. This automation optimizes the process, ensuring a smoother, more efficient package-handling experience.