Version 2.0.09

Major speed improvement with small new functionalities for admin instances.

Major Speed Improvements

Speed is very important and plays a big role in ReadyCMS. If the delivery of data is slow, any application that was built with ReadyCMS will be slow too, and nobody wants that.

Our team is constantly looking for a new way to improve data delivery speed and the speed of admin panel for all content administrators out there.

Why did we need the improvement?

Due to the high number of API calls from ReadyCMS admin accounts and the quantity of data required for proper use, we improved the performance of the admin panel due to the slightly slower page loading for Clients with vast amounts of data.

How it was done?

All data is transferred through the service called API. If you are not a developer, you may not know what API is. If that is the case, you can just remember that API is how ReadyCMS and for example your website are communicating.

When your website asks for some data, ReadyCMS will provide it through API. This is the same for your admin panel instance. Each request you make is stored in a little memory system called cache that can be used later on. Cache helps ReadyCMS run more efficiently.


The result of delivering cached requests in admin instances resulted with approx. 2s faster loading time of some pages.

This improvement helps you achieve more and faster.

Dashboard Testing - Before the update:ReadyCMS-Performance-test-old

Dashboard Testing - After the update:

Minor updates

Group delete

Until this version, you could only delete one item at the time which can be time consuming if you have to remove plenty of data.

Group delete option is a time saver and now it can be performed in admin for Custom Content Types but also, if you are a developer, via API.

Small updates and bug fixed

- Mainly regarding the CSS and HTML parts of the admin.
- Language changer will change the language staying on the same page

We are constantly improving ReadyCMS to help you achieve more whether you are using ReadyCMS for your blog, agency, online shop or something else.

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